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Kentaur Tourism

About us...

It`s all about nature, bikes, enduro, fun and good mood. It`s also a bit about how hard it can be. We all like to be challenged, and that`s why we like to ride enduro in the first place.


With a strong background in hard enduro, motocross and touring, all around Balkan and Europe, Kentaur, as one man, Igor, became “Kentaur Enduro Serbia”, a sports organization that manages two hard- enduro races and many tours around Serbia and western Balkan.

Why Enduro in Serbia?

Enduro in Serbia because you can ride all year long.

Amazing geography that dramatically varies from flat north, which was once the ancient Panonian sea, to the harsh mountain realm of the spirited south.

Of course, there is the warm hospitality of Serbian people, amazing domestic food, and cozy country side accommodation.

Enduro in Serbia because this wild Balkan jewel will and can fill your appetite for hard, yet beautiful, adventure on two wheels.

We can tailor anything acording to your skill level...

We all have different tastes in riding, and that`s why we are trying our best to arrange these Enduro adventures by your taste, skills, physical condition and agility.

If you prefer going hard all the way, we can guide you through routes which are used for professional races.

If you are up for a more touristic enduro experience, where you would go site seeing combined with hard endure riding, we have many places in Serbia that can fulfill both desires.

If you have a problem deciding on the style, or would prefer to combine different styles of riding, we can manage a fun and thrilling enduro mix.

Finally, we are passionate to show you the best enduro adventure in Serbia, and our mission is to make you want to come back again and ask for more.

Check our tours we have already tailored for u...prices and info...

One-day tours

Price per person: 150e 
Group price: Arranged according to how many peopole, equipment etc...
Included: Transfer both ways (only from Belgrade, other airports require extra cost)
              Snack on terrain
One day trip around Belgrade area or Nis area, depending of wich airport you landed. We head out early in the morning and head back sunset.
We can arrange other one-day destinations that are time manageable as requested and dependent of riders or group appetites and enduro skills.    
              Not included: 
              *Damages on the bike need to be covered by ridders ensurance, drinks, additional gear,                        airplane ticket and aditional transfers.
Contact us about the tour...