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Divčibare is a famous mountain tourist place in the central part of Maljen mountain, surrounded by an authentic pine forest at an altitude of 1098m. The race crosses Crni vrh, Ljuti Krš, and Veliki Pleće, there are several localities that were named by the organizers and are a great challenge to the competitors, these are Tiger Rock and Foxes Creek. The gathering center will be in the Hotel "Divcibare", which is located in the center, across from the police station, at that location, there will be info and a check-in desk. At Divčibare, roads cross from three directions: from Mionica, from Kaona (the top of Bukovo on the road Valjevo-Užice) and from Požega. The shortest connection between Belgrade and Divčibare is in the length of 104 kilometers along the Ibar road to Županjac, from where it turns over Bogovadje and Donje Toplice for Mionica. Via Valjevo, Loznica is 113 kilometers away, and Sabac 106, while Novi Sad is 177 kilometers away.

45KM sunday

2 days

35km saturday


Registration for the race is open from 12.02.2021, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page you can fill out the application, after which you will receive feedback and adequate payment slips via email. Without the payment made, no application is valid, you can see the deadlines for the payment in the official race rules, which is also at the bottom of the page. You can pick up the competition package and number on the spot in the lobby of the hotel "Divcibare" at the reception, where a representative of the organization will be waiting for you. GPS devices are required to enter routes for both competition days per class. The whole route is marked with red stripes while the other markers by classes are marked as follows: A / Pro / Class - red background with white letters / arrows. B / Expert / class - black background with white letters / arrows. C / Hobby / class - white background with black letters / arrows. * Universal signs are a red circle with a white background that indicates that you are moving in the right direction and a red circle on the white the background is crossed out by a blue X sign indicating that you are moving in the wrong direction or that the direction you came across is wrong. *** Detailed information can be found in the rulebook ...


The check-in point at the Divcibare Hotel will be open on Friday 02.07. from 20-23h and Saturday 03.07. from 07-08h, at that point you pick up the competition package and your start number is recorded. START OF THE PROLOGUE The day is 03.07. at 10:00 at the foot of the Ski slope near the cafe restaurant ‚‚ Divčibare SKI resort. First, the prologue of the race is driven, which is located in the same place And who are obliged to drive competitors of A and B class. START OF THE RACE at 12:30 after the results from the prologue and the formation of the start list which will be hung on the spot.






A - Pro



important notice!

The maximum time for riding the race is up to 16:00h.

Competitors are obligated to check their cards at a checkpoint which means stoping the bike so that the checker could validate your card and you can continue the race.

Checkers are part of the Kentaur Team and they wear fluorescent vests for recognizing.

Advice is to fuel up on a TPspot (tank point), the crew won't offer rides of transportation if you don`t fuel up on a TP and stay without gas afterward (if you didn't tank up and passed the TP point) .

You can strictly service your bike on a protected surface, it is forbidden to harm and spoil the environment in any way with toxic waste and materials, all the waste must be discarded properly, if you don't take care of the environment you are to be disqualified from the race.

After the first day of the race, a briefing will be held at the hotel Divcibare between 21:00 and 21:30h

Next day we will be meeting at the same spot, in front of the hotel at 09:00h when we will leave for the starting point.

After finishing the second day at 16:00h announcing the winners of all categories will be held at the hotel Divcibare.


It is necessary to have the phone number of the organizer with you and to provide your phone number. If there is an accident or you need to leave the race due to any reasons, please do inform the organizer, so that the rescue and search crews don't need to be deployed.


If you don't own a GPS device, an advantage in scoring is on the side of a competitor that holds a verified GPS device, because his route of moving can be proved to the judges.


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H.E.R.S 2021 or Hard Enduro Race Rudnik

will be held at Milanovac county on the slopes of the Rudnik mountain 2nd and 3rd of October 2021.

The terrain of exceptional features created as a consequence of volcanic soil is guaranteed to release an adrenaline eruption in the very center of Šumadija.

You will find out more about this event soon through our social networks and the preparations that follow for this new event in the enduro calendar of Serbia.